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Welcome to Distance Calculator for Australian cities. If you are wondering where is certain city or how far is it from you, is the perfect place. Distance between two points is our specialization. Australia is a beuatiful country, there are so many spectacular scenic places that it's your duty to travel around the states and explore. We offer you help with our route planner.

How to find out, e.g. distance from Melbourne to Sydney? It's very simple and we are going to walk you through the main steps:

  1. Choose your first city (where you start your journey) and type it into the first box above;
  2. Select your destination (final city) and type it into the second box;
  3. Press calculate.

This is it. You are going to be redirected to the page with distance information, travel time, mileage, marked map route, weather forecast in destination city and petrol calculator in addition, to make your trip even easier to plan. We hope you will enjoy this service and will continue to use it every time the next road trip appears on the horizon.

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